2021-05-25 Pierre ChoffetRewrite almanach merge logic master
2021-05-25 Pierre ChoffetFix almanach merger with empty pop values
2021-05-25 Pierre ChoffetFix almanach merger with empty normalMean temperatures
2021-05-25 Pierre ChoffetDo not echo commands
2021-05-18 Pierre ChoffetFix command in README
2021-05-12 Pierre ChoffetAdd merge Bash script
2021-05-12 Pierre ChoffetAdd ECCC almanach XML merger
2020-05-31 Pierre ChoffetRequest bot flag at upload time
2020-05-29 Pierre ChoffetAdd beginning offset
2020-05-27 Pierre ChoffetLess naive rate limiter
2020-04-19 Pierre ChoffetReduce upload rate
2020-03-24 Pierre ChoffetAdd 1s wait after successful upload to prevent flooding...
2020-03-24 Pierre ChoffetRemove categories as patch sadly didn't make it for...
2020-03-09 Pierre ChoffetFix documentation
2020-03-06 Pierre ChoffetPrevent empty files to be generated
2020-03-06 Pierre ChoffetRestrict uploaded file pattern
2020-03-05 Pierre ChoffetLicence change
2020-03-04 Pierre ChoffetFix wikicode field name
2020-02-07 Pierre ChoffetAdd script to perform the upload
2020-02-06 Pierre ChoffetAdd missing almanac to commons stylesheet
2020-02-04 Pierre ChoffetSwitch from station id to climate id
2020-01-24 Pierre ChoffetAdd required scripts to generate almanac JSONs
2020-01-24 Pierre ChoffetFix indentation
2020-01-23 Pierre ChoffetAdd missing dependency
2020-01-22 Pierre ChoffetComplete process from ECCC website to Commons files...
2019-12-23 Pierre ChoffetAdd transformation to fix ECCC XML files